Registration for the summer lessons is now open

Registration for the summer lessons for the 2018 summer season are now open. You can register yourself on the registration-page.

Regulation changes

From 2018 and onwards, the regulations and price of the summer lessons have slightly changed.

  1. Deposit: Since we found out that many members are not attending their lessons, the board and GMM decided to introduce a deposit of 20 euros. If you attend less than 2/3rd of the lessons without signing out for those lessons, you will not retrieve your deposit at the end of the year. Signing out for a lesson can be done by sending an e-mail to You can find more information about the deposit here.
  2. Smaller groups: The summer lessons of 2018 will be a pilot for training with smaller groups. Until know, groups always existed of 12 people. This season groups will only be 8 people.
  3. Increased price: To make the smaller groups possible, the price for the summer lessons is increased to €45,-. During the first week of the lessons, you will receive an invoice for the deposit. At the end of the season (if you attended enough lessons), the deposit will be deducted from your invoice for the training.