General Members Meeting + Board change

On the 17th of January, 2018, GTC Walhalla organizes a General Members Meeting. During this meeting, we will present our members the semi-annual report, grant discharge to Yneke, Wouter and Sharine and welcome Carsten, Sarina and Axel to the board. Furthermore the treasurer will give an update about the finances, a fine for missing lessons will be discussed.

This meeting will take place in C0317 in Forum (Wageningen University & Research). We will provide drinks and some snacks. After the GMM we give members the chance to get a drink and congratulate the new board members. On thursday the 18th of January, 2018, we will host the Constitution Drink.

Files for the GMM:

  1. INT_DOC_ALV_18_JAN_2018_Agenda
  2. INT_DOC_ALV_Notulen_2017_11_08
  3. Motion_GMM_Deposit
  4. INT_DOC_Halfjaarverslag