To improve the integration of our members, the weekend committee will organise an annual members weekend. In 2018 our first (since a lot of time) members weekend will be organised!
Being the first committee to organise this kind of weekend let a lot of people only think about the cons, but is also brings some pros:

  • Whatever will be organised, it will be creative!
  • You have control how all weekend will be organised.

The date, location, activities and facilities will be arranged by the committee. During the weekend they will be present and function as contact point.

Current members

  • Larissa Streng – Chairwoman
  • Robin Tas – Secretary
  • Leroy Amsing – Treasurer
  • Axel Eijffius
  • Liza Kirillova
  • Muriël Odink
  • Sanne Folkertsma
  • Tim Roelands

You can contact us at weekend@gtc-walhalla.nl

Do you want to join this committe and organise the first members meeting? Visit our commissie interesse borrel at 2nd of november!
Did you miss the borrel? Send an email before january to: algemenezaken@gtc-walhalla.nl