Committee of External Activities (CvE)

This committee will promote the activities of extern parties, for example the other Dutch student tennis associations. They also visit the extern activities a lot. So spending this time together, this committe will be close to each other.

Besides the committee will organise big events outside G.T.C. Walhalla and activities together with other associations.
An example would be the weekend to Paris including visiting Rolland Garros.

Current members

  • Floris Dautzenberg – chairman
  • Caya Lindner – treasurer
  • Larissa Streng – commissioner registrations
  • Rolf van der Vleugel – secretary
  • Suzan D’Rose – commissioner promoting
  • Iris Jonkers

You can contact us at

Since a lot of people are persuated by now, we want to invite you all to the commissie interesse borrel at 2nd of november!
Did you miss the borrel? Send an email to: