Our association is for students and our members provide everything we can do.
Without the committees and the board, our association would not have activities, competition, trainings or even new members to join us.

Being a part of a committee only has advantages:
– experience in organising things;
– helping yourself to get structered;
– meeting new soon-to-be friends;
– contenment with your own membership.

Do you want help G.T.C. Walhalla and join a committee? Visit our annual commissie interesse borrel!
Did you miss the borrel? Send an email to:


The activities commitee is a collection of fun people who wants to organise events for our own Walhalla members. Most ...
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Since G.T.C. Walhalla is responsible of the bar every Tuesday, a bar-committee will be installed. To provide good service and ...
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Committee of Advice (CvA)

Some of our former board members are asked to join this precious committee. This committee functions as an advice organ ...
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This committee promotes the activities of extern parties, for example the other Dutch student tennis associations. They also visit the ...
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Members Robin Tas Bas Velthuizen Floris Dautzenberg Larissa Streng Suzan D’Rose ...
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Members Madelon Sol Ivo van den Boogaard Bas Velthuizen ...
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To improve the integration of our members, the weekend committee will organise an annual members weekend. In 2018 our first ...
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