National Competition

Where did you train for all those months?

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Now it’s time to show your tennis skills and gather rating in the national competition! Whether you’re just playing a year, or for decades, there’re possibilities for everyone. The matches will take place in the weekends of October and November. You can choose whether to play on Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays. Learn the game even better, and have great days and evenings!

Do you only want to play a few times, make sure to subscribe individually, then we will try to form new teams of about the same strength. Competition brings people together, so time to form teams and make new friends.

There is the possibility to play in a Men’s, Women’s or Mixed teams. Select a team, or sign up individually, and join the national competition! Oh, and it’s totally free for all members!

If you have any questions about the competion, please send an e-mail to . When it is time to subscribe for competition, our commissioner competition will let you know via an e-mail!